Convening the statutory annual general meeting

The Law makes it obligatory for the co-owners to meet at least once a year in order to discuss and approve the statement of costs from the previous period, to plan the budgets for the next working year and to make decisions regarding all non-urgent maintenance and/or repairs. This annual meeting always needs to be held within the same 15-day period in order for the co-owners to be able to organise themselves. The invitations to the annual meeting will be sent out by Syncura at least 15 days in advance. Each individual owner can choose whether to receive this personalised invitation by registered letter, by ordinary letter or by e-mail. Besides the agenda, this invitation will also contain the classic proxy, a budget for ordinary and extraordinary expenses for the current working year and a detailed statement of the costs from the previous period. All quotations to be discussed at the annual meeting will be placed on the web portal beforehand. Therefore every Syncura customer is notified in detail in advance so that the general meetings can be conducted constructively and with maximum openness.