Les Balcons in St Lambrechts Woluwe

Selected as an exemplary building by the Brussels Region

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Service flats in project Beau De L'air in Knokke

Living in all necessary comfort near the Belgian coast

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New build project Poolse Wing in Sint-Denijs-Westrem

Main association with two sub-associations with legal personality

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Residence Fenixhof in the centre of Ghent

Retail outlet, 9 appartments and 5 parking spots

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New development project Neo Frascati in Ghent

Living in the centre of Ghent between Hoogstraat and Coupure

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Vandermaelen in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

With 100% passive apartments with solar panels

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New housing estate Parkview in Vilvoorde

Parkview in Vilvoorde with 43 appartements and 57 parking spots.

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Flanders Field Business Park in Waregem

Offices, warehouses and showrooms: 24 000 m² and 380 parking spots.

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Residence Schelde-Eiland in Oudenaarde

New co-ownership development in urban district of Oudenaarde

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Koepoortkaai - Apostelhuizen Ghent

Residences Toledo and Valencia in Ghent

City Garden region Ghent

Park Te Poldere Region Ghent

Residentie Golf coastal region

Residence Zonnerode in Antwerp

Living in a quiet and green environment in the Antwerp city center

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