Technical management

opnemen van meterstanden

When you buy an apartment, retail premises or office space, you not only want your investment to be preserved but also to start generating additional revenue. Various rules and regulations make it obligatory for the property administrator to conclude a number of contracts for tasks such as the statutory periodic inspection of the lifts, the inspection of heating installations, the inspection of electrical installations, etc. in order to ensure that these installations are always in a good state of repair and do not present any safety risks for residents or visitors to the building.

Otherwise it is only logical that cleaning will be carried out on a weekly basis, the bins will be put out and that the entrance hall and stairwell will be freshened up on a regular basis.

However as a professional property administrator, we go one step further and draw up a long-term schedule for renovations and improvements. This investment list will be presented to the general meeting for discussion and approval and then a feasible financial savings and implementation plan will be worked out.